Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Quick Reviews

You probably know it’s an exciting time to be in the market for an affordable flagship phone but that’s never been as true as it is right now. Because the Xiaomi me 8 pro which has just been announced in the UK.

The packaging is well put together but nonetheless a pretty familiar experience and inside you also get a transparent silicon case which is pretty normal but makes a lot more sense on a phone like this. You’ll find out why in a minute. There’s an USB type-c 2 headphone jack adapter and if we just tip the phone out underneath, there is an 18 watt fast charger and of course a USB type-c cable for charging and data transfer.

The mi8 pro feels like Xiaomi’s equivalent to the One plus 6t. Both are in a similar price bracket and both offer in display fingerprint scanners over their predecessors. And xiaomi has taken a different approach using what they call a pressure-sensitive scanner unlike other scanners that constantly ping to check whether you’ve placed your finger on them. This one only activates when it detects pressure which means it not only saves power but can also work at just the right moment to speed things up. Perhaps not many are a massive fan of in-display fingerprint scanners in their current state but the one plus 6t kind of gets away with it because of how fast it is. What surprising is that the mi8 pro is just as fast and the position is actually a bit higher up which means that one doesn’t have to readjust their grip every time they want to use it like other do with the 6t. So in a way it’s better than the 6t’s which is a real achievement considering this is one of the phone’s main selling points.

Then we’ve got that transparent back which is an interesting one. Tear downs have shown that the components you’re seeing here aren’t the real deal just plastic cutouts made to look pretty. Which it kind of takes away from the charm of it at the same time one can take this over a solid flat color any day. It manages to look clean whilst also appealing to the nerd within oneself and while it might look like a toy it definitely doesn’t feel like one.

The glass is firm with next to no flexing in terms of power. The phone matches up almost perfectly with the one plus equivalent Snapdragon 845 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage. So in terms of gaming it’s not gonna run into any issues but mi8 UI, the skin on top of Android doesn’t feel quite as snappy as the oxygen OS on the one plus 6t. Not to mention the playful aesthetic with soft pastel colors is completely at odds with the hardcore circuit board design of the phone. But there are features in the software that one can appreciate being able to adjust display color temperature using a color wheel is great and the built-in photo editor has all the features you’d want. Plus a few you didn’t realize, you wanted like being able to triangulate photos which turns them into a pretty neat wallpaper camera wise is the same setup as the standard mi8 which makes it solid but it needs good lighting.

Both cameras have a 12 megapixel resolution. In the day photos have a certain crispiness to them landscapes. And buildings seem to come out really well but with only an F 1.8 aperture and no night mode of any sort, low-light is an area where differences with more expensive phones become very clear.

Also video stabilization leaves a lot to be desired and there’s no option to record video at 60 frames per second even when you set the quality to 1080p from the front the phone doesn’t look too different from cheaper phones like the pocophone F1. Which is to say it’s not bad but also pretty unsurprising like the pocophone you do get an infrared face scanner hidden in that notch. The mi8 pro has a 6.2 inch 1080p AMOLED display which reaches a brightness of 600 nits. So you’re generally okay outdoors but at the same time you won’t confuse it for the Galaxy Note 9’s display which can reach about 710.

What one might worry though is the battery while the standard mi8 had a 3400 milli ampere capacity, this phone has only 3000. One might suspect that it’s smaller here so they could fit that fake circuit board in. It’s not the end of the world and is somewhat helped by support for Qualcomm quick charge for plus. So full charge shouldn’t take much longer than an hour so this is not a full review but so far the mi8 pro feels like a very good phone but just one that’s a little bit lost in this new wave of other very good phones one may really want to love it but it’s more expensive than the mi8. It comes with a smaller battery and is up against much fiercer competition. What do you think?

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