Top 15 smart phones of 2018

Top 15 smartphones from the whole of 2018 and I’ve put them in some kind of rough order just based on how much each one has impressed me. let’s get right into it.

Number 15 is the sony xperia x f3. And just generally it’s a bit of a weird phone. Everything from its general shape to just where the fingerprint scanner is placed but actually there is a lot to like here. The HDR screen is very good especially with video and the camera is a big improvement from past generations.

Alright then we’ve got the very recent Nokia 7.1. And it’s not a flagship phone but in some ways feels like the compact flagship phone we always wanted. For the price it’s not amazingly powerful but the camera is very capable with a lot of features to play around with. And Android 1 means it’s got zero blow wear. And their latest updates not to mention it feels just really robust.

Then we’ve got the honor play which aims to be a gaming phone. But while it was at, it managed to become one of my go-to recommendations for anyone on a budget. The screen isn’t just fantastic but the screen to body ratio – it’s as high on this phone as it is only $1000. Galaxy Note 9 it’s also powered by the akhirin at 970 chip which is not the most powerful chip in the world. But was good enough for the 2018 flagship Huawei P 20 pro. And so it’s more than good enough on this phone at barely a third of the price.

iPhone 10 s and iPhone 10s max. I’ve been using the 10s max on and off ever since its launch. And I’m constantly impressed by the cameras especially the front camera and how it handles HDR battery life. Although I’m still annoyed that they include such a slow charger in the box it takes over three hours to charge this phone. With the given charger that’s like twice as long as my MacBook.
We do also have the 10r but personally I’ve not been as impressed by this. I’d say the screen is only as good as competitors up to about the 350 dollar mark. And even the battery life which was meant to be one of the main selling points of the phone just hasn’t been that great.

Oppo find X. A phone that is just beautiful from ever angle. It’s surrounded by gracious curves and has a display with easily one the highest screened body ratios out there. I would say it is let down by the lack of a lot of standard features that you just come to expect. Like by P rating NFC a microSD card headphone jack and even a fingerprint scanner.

And this leads me on to the vivo NEX. And these two phones are often bundled together. But that is because they are a very similar proposition. But with the NEX you’re getting an in display fingerprint scanner a headphone jack and a lower price tag I would say it doesn’t look quite as slick as the Oppo. But at the same time is a better value proposition.

Number 9 is the honor 8x. Which I did switch to for a few days and normally when I switch out from a flagship phone to a cheap phone it’s not a fun process. I normally can’t wait to just get back to my old phone but this was different. Because in my opinion the 8x is one of the best-looking phones all year. And there was so much to play around with like real night mode on the camera that I actually kind of enjoyed it.

Next up is the Asus rogue phone. And I’ve managed to go hands-on with not just that but pretty much all of its main gaming phone competitors. But to me the wrong phone feels like the one to go for. It has most of the pillars of a good flagship, even to my surprise good cameras. But also all of those over the top gaming features that you secretly want. Things like a vapor calling chamber 90 Hertz display which does actually feel noticeably smoother than the 60 on most phones. And even a side mounted charging port so you can carry on gaming even when you’re plugged in.

Then we’ve got the mate 20 which is a very different phone from the mate 20 pro. But at the same time very much a flagship and very much worth the money. The cameras and the charging speed are as impressive as that phone. But still pretty good and then when it comes to performance screen to body ratio and battery life it beats almost every Android phone out there.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And this is a firm that I use day to day for two months straight. And I found it to be not just reliable but also pretty fully featured. It’s built like a tank with good initial battery life but unfortunately the battery deteriorated very quickly. And after two months I was barely getting a day on a single charge. Not to mention that whilst its variable aperture is definitely useful it’s kind of been beaten out by phones from Huawei and Google that pretty much used software alone to take better night mode shots.

Okay top five and kicking things off, we’ve got the pixel three XL which like its predecessor is a firm that isn’t really done justice by its specifications alone. Because a big part of its proposition is in the software. For example the combination of new touch sounds, a faster UI and improved vibration feedback makes every action just feel really good. Whether that’s typing, pulling down the notification bar or just scrolling. Not to mention while the camera is not as big of an upgrade as the pixel 2 was over the pixel 1 Google has added quite a few meaningful improvements like wide-angle selfie and the new night sight mode which pretty much works like magic.

The Xiaomi me 8 – well the real me – Pro is a very similar proposition but better in pretty much every way. It misses out on being an Android one phone which is definitely a shame. But compensates by being cheaper prettier and having a headphone jack and expandable storage.

One plus 6t and on one hand this is an incredible value phone. But on the other hand I’m not as impressed by it as I was with the 6 just a few months ago. I probably have preferred a camera improvement instead of the in display fingerprint scanner. And while companies like Xiaomi and Huawei have massively picked up the pace in 2018, the one plus 6t feels like one giant sidestep. But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re getting a serious amount of phone for the money here. And I definitely appreciate the extra bit of battery in this new phone.

Number 2 is the poco phone f1 which basically has the performance of the one plus 6t with the price of it. And the One plus 6t is hardly an expensive phone as it is. And what surprised me about this phone is that I tried a really hard to find some sort of major flaw. Here you’d think that surely with performance this good at this price that the battery would suck or that the camera doesn’t take good photos or that it’s really fragile but none of this is true. Turns out that aside from its issue with HD video in Netflix, it is very tough to fault and even has IR face unlocking that works in the dark.

Okay that leaves us with one phone and this might be a complete surprise to you or you might have seen it from a mile away but that device is the Huawei mate 20 Pro. It is the phone I’ve chosen to use daily and in so many areas it is not just good but outstanding when it comes to camera, battery life performance and charging speed it blitzes every Android phone out there.

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