The Top 5 best VPN services in 2018

This top 5 best VPN services in 2018 list is based on their price quality durability and more.

NordVPN (quick reviews)

At number 5 we have Nord VPN. Choosing Nord VPN among the other competitors would be a really good option for you. Considering the fact that this brand has been the best VPN deal of the year with a price which covers top security speed and an ease of use operating page for all kinds of users. One question on everyone’s mind before purchasing any VPN, is the idea of privacy is your IP address protected and your online activity out of those creepy snoopers reach. Well Nord VPN protects your IP address so your online activity is out of sight of your internet service provider and anyone who is looking to sneak in your internet activity. Another great feature that I particularly like is that this VPN works on all your devices and furthermore it will secure up to six different devices at the same time. The Nord VPN apps are super easy to set up and use on Windows Mac OS Android and iOS.

Ok so now let’s talk about the deals and the benefits that come along. You can purchase this VPN through three types of profile plans in which you benefit greatly from. All the features that are included the 1 month plan goes with a payment fee of $11.95 monthly. But of course if you want to pay a lot less than this with a prolonged period of years you can either choose the 1 year plan which comes with a payment fee of $5.75. Or you can always choose the 2 year plan which comes with a payment fee of $3.29 monthly. As you can see no matter what you choose you will still get a fair and reasonable price for your purchase due to the fact that you can access 4705 servers worldwide. You won’t have any logs of privacy. You can connect six devices at the same time and to assure yourself of this VPNs quality, you will have 30 day money-back guarantee.

Overall if you decide on spending money on VPN, we highly recommend you to choose Nord VPN. Since you will always get more than you pay and at a price that is affordable and reasonable to even the most demanding users.

PureVPN (quick reviews)

At number 4 we have pureVPN. Purevpn has been one of the most reviewed VPNs for years now. Since it has a family of 1 million satisfied users across the 6 continents and they definitely have what it takes to keep you happy private and protected on the internet. Using this VPN can open you the doors to many new business opportunities. Since you can empower your employees with secure remote access and global connectivity without investing in hardware or infrastructure. Apart from that you also get great care from pure VPN which made the most users review this. Since every purevpn account supports 5 multi logins to make sure that your entire family remains protected.

Speaking of protection and security purevpn employs top-of-the-line military-grade 256-bit encryption to protect all your data so you can always be assured that your privacy will be safe and sound. The DDoS protection is as well at its maximum since the DDoS add-on is capable of defeating the most complex DDoS attacks of any kind for ultimate protection. So as you can see the purevpn has many reasons that make this a fantastic choice for you and many reasons that have a family of 1 million satisfied users.

But now let’s talk about the pricing. As most of the VPN brands this also has account of three type profiles. Any of which are perfectly priced and most affordable for anyone making a one-month offer would cost you to pay $1095 monthly. Which is good considering everything this VPN offers. But again if you want to get a more decent for a more prolonged period of time you can always choose the two years deal. Which will cost you only $2.49 monthly and also the one-year offer that comes along with a price of $4.15 per month. So as you can see the prices are very reasonable. And you will definitely benefit greatly from these which of course offer ultra high-speed VPN security. At top-line p2p allowed which unlocks the doors to the restricted Internet and consume your favorite content with total freedom and independence.

To conclude pure VPN is definitely a must try and experience the busy streets of the urban internet with ease comfort and security.

Ipvanish (quick reviews)

At number three. We have ipvanish putting personal information at risk is the price you pay when using free Wi-Fi therefore it takes more than a private internet browser to go incognito. And ipvanish will make your real IP address disappear so that your online activity can’t be tracked. Ipvanish is well-known about breaking free from any regional restrictions and explore the purest internet possible. Which we particularly like due to the fact that not many VPN brands offer this. As the world’s top tier VPN service provider they personally manage their entire network which also comes to the fact that they own more than 1,000 anonymous servers that deliver fast unrestricted internet access to every corner of the globe.

In addition the zero logs policy is something that is going to keep you confident and satisfied with your privacy policy. Since this keeps your identity under wraps they do not record any of your activity while connected to their apps. In order to preserve your civil right to privacy considering this every facet of their service including app, development and customer support is managed internally by removing the middleman.

Ipvanish is best equipped to ensure that your information remains protected. Ipvanish is recommended by most of the best websites worldwide which review that the service, the speed and privacy security, they are all at top notch so you can always be confident and satisfied with your work.

Now let’s talk about the price plan. Yet again Ipvanish has also a three type profile plan which prices differ by on another but not at a great range. By spending $7.50 you get a one-month deal that saves you about 30% of the original price. By choosing the three-month deal you pay $6.75 per month that by original price it saves you 40% of the original price. The one-year deal offers a great price at only $4.80 per month and has a difference from the original price for about 60% so that not only saves you a lot of money but also provides you with many more opportunities.

Overall if you are looking for the most reliable VPN service then ipvanish is definitely the one you are looking for.

OVPN (quick reviews)

At number 2 we have ovpn. OVPN is one of the most secured VPN services in the world due to the fact that they never prioritize having servers in every place imaginable. But they thought of quality and security over quantity and marketing while talking about security. OVPN has a solid software security that uses the strongest encryption to ensure that your Internet traffic is secure at all times. And also to prevent logs from even temporarily be stored on any of their VPN servers. In addition you also get unlimited bandwidth which means that no limitations will be put on either speed or traffic usage.

Their servers are located in separate data centers to guarantee redundancy. All data centers are connected with an uplink of at least one gigabit per second in order to keep its clients satisfied and more confident. OVPN has insurance that covers legal fees which can never be a bad thing due to the fact that in case any third party demands information about any customer they are fully prepared to go to court. And will do everything in their power to prevent anyone from getting access to customer information. So as you can see they take security for their customers very seriously. Apart from that they have a 24/7 customer support that can help you with anything regarding installation troubleshooting or any other question you may have.

The pricing unlike the other VPN services that we have mentioned. We must say that ovpn prices don’t differ from one another at that rate mentioned earlier. By choosing the one-month deal you get a payment fee of $9.99 which takes it to the price of the three months deal which will cost you $8.33 per month. So as you can see $1.66 difference between these two prices. But considering everything we mentioned we would say it’s worth it. And the 12 months offer has a price of $7 per month which has a ten day money-back guarantee which we think is great for a premium VPN service provider.

To conclude if you are looking for the most secure and private VPN service with insurance policies then a VPN would be a great choice for you.

Hotspotshield (quick reviews)

At number one. We have the hotspot Shield. We have listed hotspot Shield as our number one due to the fact that their patented VPN protocol is integrated by 70% of the world’s largest security companies. And has passed numerous security audits. They are the number one in performance with thousands of servers worldwide. Hotspot Shield offers secure access to your favorite apps and sites on the go when traveling at a local cafe, Airport, campus and office. In addition hotspot Shield protects your personal information at the maximum enhancement of the security of your identity, health, finance, family, data. When searching, browsing, shopping, using dating apps and communicating they encrypt all your data and keep no records of your individual activities online.

Hotspot Shield is also one of the most reviewed VPN services on the internet worldwide. Which 95% of them tell that their clients are satisfied with what they have. And the internet speed is ultra fast so you will be assured of its quality and performance considering this hotspot Shield has account of 600 million users worldwide that accessed the Internet securely through their VPN service.

The prices. By choosing hotspot Shield as your VPN service you get more options for purchasing it due to the fact that this VPN service has a 4 type profile pricing similar to the others we mentioned. The one-month offer has a price of $12.99 which brings it to the six months offer that goes by the price of $8.99 monthly which has a great price difference between them. In our opinion choosing the one-year offer will cut 53% of the original price with only $5.99 per month. And the 3 years offer has a great and reasonable price of $3.49 per month. Hotspot Shield does not only offer quality security and performance but you also get to purchase it at a fair and reasonable price.

Overall hotspot Shield has everything that anyone can possibly ask for in a VPN service provider. So if you ever decide to purchase one we highly recommend you the hotspot Shield.

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