Nokia 7.1 Phone Quick Reviews

The Nokia 7.1 is not an expensive phone. And likely to be at least as inexpensive in other markets. It’s a phone that I would say stands out because of four key pillars. so let’s see what they are. The first thing you’ll see is the smart phone which feels immediately substantial. Underneath which you get the instruction manual and the separate little box which contains the USB type-c charging cable earphones and an included 18 watt fast charger.

The build of the phone when you pick up the 7.1 for the first time it feels really just tough. There is glass on both the front and the back and an aluminium trim with chrome accents running out the sides. In fact even switching between mate 20 pro and this phone the Nokia feels every bit as solid. And android 1 which is basically a guarantee from Google that you getting a secure stock and up to date version of Android. Literally this is the full list of included applications and the fact that it’s bloat free. The phone is currently running Android 8.1 but there is an update to 9 coming. Also because it is an Android 1 phone you’re guaranteed consistent updates for at least two years.

Then we’ve got the camera which is very respectable for the price. And has most of the modes you’d want to see on a phone. You’ve got Bo care pro mode, slow motion as well as time-lapse. There’s a 12 and a 5 megapixel camera on the rear and it doesn’t feel cut down in any major way. The company is very proud of its HDR capabilities. So far photos are really rich and is tough to complain about color contrast or lighting. It’s a camera that I’d say strikes quite a nice balance between an accurate representation of any scene. And a photo that looks visually pleasing. Also the portrait mode is so good which is a pretty tricky subject almost all of the air looked clean and the background blurred nicely. The phone also shoots stable high contrast 4k video like you see here slow motion at 240 FPS. And looks as clean as the slo-mo from most flagships.

And then of course like every self-respecting 2018 smartphone augmented reality stickers on the front camera maybe the most unusual feature. The dual sight mode which places a video of you side-by-side with a video of what you’re looking at. And there’s obviously a disparity in the quality of the front and back cameras here. But at the same time it’s still a cool feature to have and something that I’m not sure any device outside the Nokia phone lineup has.

The display is a 5.84 inch full HD plus LCD panel which may not sound great but they call it pure display. And here’s the kicker, it’s HD are 10 compliant. This means it meets certain criteria in terms of the brightness it can reach. And an ability to show deep blacks and brilliant whites. You wouldn’t really notice as much when scrolling through the UI but when viewing photos and videos it’s pretty clear there is a not on top and a sizable chin on the bottom of the phone. But it still manages to keep nearly 80% screen on the front. Also it can upscale standard definition video to high-definition. There is a fingerprint scanner on the back support for 400 gigabyte microSD cards and 32 or 64 gigs of internal storage. And the phone is powered by the mid-range Snapdragon 636 and 3 or 4 gigabytes of RAM. So that is a Nokia 7.1

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