Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Quick Review

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Chip

Of all companies Lenovo has just announced the most powerful Android phone in the world. This is the Z5 pro GT. And it’s already got the next generation Snapdragon 855 chip, 12 gigabytes of RAM the most we’ve ever seen on a phone and a screen that pretty much fills the front. And to be clear, unlike the original Z5 that was a complete letdown. This is real this is the final phone that people have actually had hands-on time with. It looks kind of like the Oneplus 60 McLaren Edition on drugs and spec 4 spec if we measured this up against competing firms like the note 9 or the mate 20 pro, you’d think it would be $1,000 maybe even $1,200. But right at the end of the event Lenovo dropped a bit of a bomb on everyone. They said that the price is not going to go higher than the equivalent of $640.

So what’s the catch. First of all, it is huge. A combination of the design with this sliding mechanism has made this phone, let’s just say bigger than it should be. It’s got a smaller display and battery but at the same time is somehow thicker and heavier than the Galaxy Note 9. And already that’s not exactly a very palatable device. Also whilst it looks great in renders, the back of the phone looks remarkably mid-range. The cameras look almost clumsy instead of elegant. But then we’ve got the fact that it takes all the standard shortcuts most of the things that don’t normally show up on a spec sheet.

There’s no water resistance headphone jack, micro SD card slot or support for wireless charging. It’s USB C port also only supports USB 2.0 speeds compared to the more expensive phones that tend to have USB 3.1 for more bandwidth. But good thing is that they’ve added an infrared face unlocking on the front.

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT RAM

The top-tier version of the Z5 pro GT has the 12 gigabytes of RAM. Which is great but also for the wrong reasons. Lenovo wants people to look at this figure and just assume their phone will be twice as powerful as someone’s current 6 gigabyte RAM device. But that’s not the case. Brand prices right now are lower than they’ve been in a war. And so piling on 12 gigabytes into this phone is not the most expensive move but here’s the thing on Android right now. You will struggle to use even 6 gigabytes. You could argue that having 12 gigabytes is going to help to future-proof the phone. But the problem is that by the time Android can properly take advantage of that amount of RAM. The rest of the hardware and software knowing Lenovo’s update cycle is going to be out of date. Extra RAM isn’t exactly gonna hurt the phone but at the same time it’s just a little annoying that it’s being used as a hype tool as opposed to something that will actually increase performance.

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Camera

Then we’ve got the fact that the camera sucks. Probably because as the name suggests the Z5 Pro GT is a souped up version of the Z5 Pro. And when it comes to cameras. Its not good news when tested. The Z5 Pro already had real trouble focusing photos were bland and the night mode was a bit of a joke. In terms of video it lacks not just optical image stabilization but electronic too. So the second you start walking, it is shaking all over the place. In fact there are $300 phones with better camera setups. Now the camera sucks probably because this phone is coming with a more advanced chipset which does contain potential improvements for the camera. But given how early this phone’s releasing and given Lenovo’s past record, they probably won’t take advantage of these benefits.

It does have an in display fingerprint scan, up to 512 gigabytes of storage which is huge and the Super AMOLED screen looks good comparable to a oneplus phone. And don’t forget this is a display that fills the front of the phone made possible by this addictive sliding mechanisms. The battery is a little on the small side at 3350 milliamp hours. But at the same time this is somewhat counteracted by the fact you’ve got a next generation more efficient 7 nanometer chip.

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