How to download twitch videos

Gone are the days where you could go to any twitch streamer and download their videos or clips with ease. Since Twitch has made changes to their site structure, it has made a bit difficult to download videos of clips from Twitch.

Here we will show you how to download videos from Twitch in alternative way. This method does not require to download any software like they mentions in other websites. In fact you can do this in twitch website itself without having to leave. Also screenshot are added to help better understand each step.

1.Go to streamer where you want to download the videos.

2. Go to clips.

3. Select the videos you want to download.

4. Then Right click and select Inspect or [Ctrl + Shift + i ]

5. Press CTRL + F. Then type ‘mp4’ and hit ‘Enter’

6. Double click on the url (where mp4 is)

7. Then Right click on the url. And click on the Go to links (which will take you to the new window)

8. Finally, Right click and Select ‘Save video as…’ to download.

9. Congratulation, You will now have successfully downloaded the twitch video.

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