Honor 8X Phone Quick Reviews

This right here is a very affordable phone. Positioning itself as the number one go-to device for the sub 300 euro mark. Last year’s honor 7x was a runaway success. And so there is a lot of excitement with this one.

To say one thing the phone looks refreshingly different. The back is glass but with two separate textures each side reflects light in a slightly different way. And the transition is subtle but surprising the left side carries all the details while the right just the fingerprint scanner which is nicely located and easy to feel for. And then at the bottom you’ve got a headphone jack and a microUSB port. Turning it around the display is an impressive 6.5 inches. It’s a 1080p IPS panel. And the chin is only a fraction larger than the other three bezels which makes it screen to body ratio higher than the One plus 6 and samsung galaxy note 9. And then when you compare it to similarly priced phones like Xiaomi’s mi 2. While obviously there is more to the story than this, the screen looks good.

There are actually a few more benefits to be had with the display. You’ve got video enhancement which dials up the contrast when you’re watching video glare minimization so the display is even clearer under bright sunlight. And then you’ve got Rheinland certified eye comfort mode which is like an official certification for eye protection in a similar way that an IP rating certifies water and dust resistance.

Hardware wise the firm is packing the kieran 7/10 chip and 4 gigabytes of RAM with the base model bearing in mind that this is a budget priced phone. Performances ample and apps load up quickly. A dedicated video on GPU turbo but that is a technology that is in action here and you’ll feel it when playing games like PubG mobile and mobile legends. This should then combine with the battery capacity of 30750 milli amp hours to give some pretty great endurance results. But we’ll have to wait a bit for the 4/3 from the time we spent with it. Though we’ve been getting around six hours of screen on time on average camera wise.

You’ve got a pretty classic honor set up but with the twist this AI isn’t exactly subtle. And it sometimes adds a pretty serious vignette to photos and pushes contrast way up but there are cases when it’s more than that. For example it can detect scenes when the background is too bright and then take multiple shots at different exposures to compensate. This is a twenty plus two megapixel setup and during the day it captures pretty great photos. Colors come up bold shadows dark. And detail is usually present in all parts of the image. We’ve got port reload too but the most anticipated feature here is night mode. And when we say night mode that might ring a bell. Because as with another firm we all know and love night mode the 8x allows you to hold the phone steady for a few seconds while the phone captures the best parts of the image at different exposures using AI stabilization to keep blur to a minimum.

And the software is so powerful that it easily brings the 8x up to parity with some much more expensive devices. Normal video tops out at 1080p but you do get super slow-motion at 480 fps. You’ve got a 16 megapixel selfie camera – with all the wacky arrow modes you come to expect from an honor phone alright. With new entrants like the pocofone f1, the mid-range smartphone market has really heated up over the last couple of weeks. We are excited about this firm it’s taking a different approach. It’s got a unique visual identity from the back but also a massive amount of display on the front.

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