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Wifi network is here and here to stay. Just think about it, virtually every populated place has hotspots and wifi connections for people to enjoy. It’s actually interesting to see how far internet connection has come since the days of Ethernet. However, with the luxury of free wireless internet, there is also a major downside. The downside to wifi is that it’s an unrestricted and unsecured connection. In other words, there is a high possibility that network hackers might see your activity without you even knowing. Obviously, this is a major concern for people who store and log on to valuable information such as bank documents over wireless connections. This is where tools like Express VPN comes to the rescue. Here is more on Express VPN and some of the benefits and disadvantages it has.

Benefit: Provides A Secure & Anaynomous Connection
A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is self-explanatory. Also, this happens to be the main benefit of Express VPN. With this tool, you are able to browse with the security and backing of a private network.

Disadvantage: Not All Locations Are Secure
Even with Express VPN serving over 150 countries worldwide, there are still many locations that are not covered. Despite this, it is always a good idea to research if the country you are in is backed by VPN security.

Benefit: It Has No Browsing Limits
For the majority of VPN services, there is some sort of limit to browsing. With the idea being that it reduces the risk of being hacked even with a VPN, it still a limit nonetheless. As for Express VPN, users of this tool have the benefit of browsing any and everything with high-level security.

Disadvantage: It Only Has Two Browser Extensions
With Express VPN, users only browsing on Chrome or Firefox have the benefit of downloading an extension. Even though the majority of browsers use these two search browsers anyways, this is still a disadvantage that affects many people. Other than this, users can still use Express VPN without having to download an extension. That being said, consider switching to one of these two browsers to enjoy the benefit of an Express VPN extension.

Express VPN As A Whole
All things considered, VPN only adds value to a user. More specifically, it adds much-needed protection. With today’s world being full of wireless connections, the possibility of encountering a hacker is quite high. In addition, there is no reason to take risks especially if there is valuable information on the connected device. In fact, hacking has gotten to the point where hackers disguise a malicious connection with a harmless and free wireless connection. Worth noting, hacking is only getting better. With tools such as Express VPN, you don’t even have to worry about encountering such a connection. The level of security is as high level as it gets. This is one of the reasons why Express VPN is as popular as it is with internet users. Do yourself a favor and add Express VPN o your benefit.

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