DJI Osmo Pocket Quick Review

This is the Osmo Pocket. This thing is so tiny and so awesome. You may be familiar with DJI, they have the Osmo Mobiles, which you can put your phones in. They’re also famous for their steady camera line, which are the Ronins, and the new Ronin-S. While I absolutely love the Ronin, and the shots that you can get with it.

It’s heavy, it’s big. It’s not something that is compact like this. This is also 4K, you can shoot it 60 frames a second. It connects directly to your phone. This camera looks very similar to what is on one of the Mavic drones. It’s one of the things that I think is so important about film-making or just taking photos or anything in general, This is small and compact that you can always have with you, that’s what’s most important. This is something that I actually could keep in my pocket. When opened it, comes with this cute little cloth, even comes in this nice little wooden box. Also something that’s cool is in the box, it says right here, this is so cool, It says “first cut.” It’s crazy because it’s really small but it has a significant weight to it. Like it’s not heavy, but it just feels substantial. So it doesn’t feel like you’re not holding anything. It’s probably because of the battery.

So with a one hour charge, you can reach a 90% battery level. You can shoot for two hours on 4K and 140 minutes if you’re shooting in 1080p. This also has some intelligent features which we’re very used to with DJI products, like active track, face track, panorama, time lapse, motion lapse, HDR photos. This also has an LCD. There’s a micro SD card slot. You’ve got some buttons to record and select. There’s a little adaptor that you can put here, depending upon what type of phone you have. So if you have a USB C, Micro USB or a Lightning, that is inside of here.

If you’re gonna keep your adaptor on, that’s nice. So another thing that’s interesting is this now uses an all new app. It’s called DJI Mimo. Looking at the side of the little unit we’ve got an SD card slot here. It supports a maximum SD card capacity of up to 256 gig so that is just loads of storage. No SD card though. It’s basically the drone camera but on a gimbal. This is also touch screen.

First of all let’s look at the key element here which is the camera. A few people might be disappointed that this is not a Hasselblad camera on top but clearly if it was it would massively increase the size of this little unit. But that’s not to say that they may produce a second version of the Osmo pocket with that higher quality camera attached to it. So this camera that ships with it is a half-inch sensor camera basically the same type of camera that you see on the Maverick to zoom. It’s got an 80 degree fov which is similar to the zoom as well it shoots 4k at 60 frames per second which is very impressive especially when you consider that that’s also at a hundred megabits per second bitrate. So that’s gonna be great quality issues photos in JPEG or raw as well as raw dmg. Which gonna please a lot of photographers and that’s 12 megapixels so this should be great for photos and video. And this little gimbal is just so impressive now also considering that it is tiny you’d think it’s very fragile but it feels very robust as well.

The battery is inbuilt into this little device. It’s actually got an 875 milliamp 2 cell battery which gives you about 2 hours run time. Now that’s not a lot of time. But consider the size of this unit giving it any longer would mean a bigger battery and that means the unit would be bigger and heavier. It also charges quite quickly at about 90 minutes. So that’s not too bad. Now also worth noting that the battery inside is a lipo lithium polymer not a lithium ion. That means the operating temperature is rated at naught to 48 degrees centigrade lithium-ion batteries generally work better in lower temperatures than lithium polymer batteries do. So this may not work particularly well if you’re going somewhere that’s sub-zero.

Now you may have seen in one of the leaked images of the Osmo pocket a small wheel attached to the side of the Osmo. Well this is basically an accessory port. There’s a lot of accessories coming out for this including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi modules. The key feature of this is these in the box you get these two little modules. There’s a USB-C and also a lightning connector for iPhones. Concept is you take off that little bit of plastic there. And then you slide in whichever connector is applicable for your mobile phone. Or your smart device like that you then connect the Osmo pocket to your smart phone like this. Just simply plugging it in and you’ve then basically got what looks like a mini camcorder.

So it’s quite a cool arrangement. You then turn on the Osmo mobile like so and it will prompt you. If you want to open the app which is called DJI Nemo. There are big benefits in using the app connected to the Osmo pocket. You’ve got access to all of the features very clearly and easily and quickly as well. That’s the key thing plus you can watch back your footage in high-definition.

The other issue with the Osmo pocket is, it doesn’t seem to have a speaker. So when you’re watching your footage back on here, you get no sound. That’s another reason for of course connecting it to your phone which is very quick and easy as you’d expect from any DJI app.

It’s fully featured. You can control the gimbal, tilt, Esmee from the app as well as all of the other features. So that’s nice. The other thing you can do of course is share your footage directly from your phone to social media. That’s also a big benefit. So if you just unplug that now you might be thinking that this looks a little bit cumbersome. With this little connector sticking out of the side well when you’re not using it, you simply rotate it around. So if you look at the front now you have got this kind of rubberized grip which obviously when you’re holding the unit is to stop it slipping out of your hands.

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