Cool tech under $50 in 2019

Cool tech under $50 for December.

We have the holiday rush here giving you guys some cool things you could pick up if you’re on a budget or it’s give you some cool you know holiday wishlist gift ideas and stuff like that say anything you like.

And first off. This is a best hub mic stand power station and USB hub all in one. So this is from Cozoo. It’s a mic stand. It’s gonna hold your mic and your desktop on the front. You have three USB ports for charging. Then on the back you have 2 DC power inputs. This is for like maybe charging a laptop or something. So you’re doing some voice overs or you want to use this hub for like streaming on Twitch or something, it’s gonna help consolidate your desktop. And have more of these things that’s like an all-in-one gadget.

The stand in itself gives around 4 inches of elevation. And you can move via the neck bear to kind of angle the mic to be wherever you want it to be. Then obviously with those three USB ports in the front. Use those for charge whenever the device you want and to have those powered on. Use a little button there you press that and your charge will begin instantly. So this is a really cool little pick up for only $35. This company make some really great gadgets like this.

Next is this really cool rollout keyboard. Not only that but it has a built-in sound bar making this a great on the go keyboard. It’s just so compact and portable. You could play this to iOS devices your Mac your PC. It connects over bluetooth that’s all pretty standard.

In the main support bar that it rolls around is this built-in sound bar. It has four speakers. Two on each side and then two kind of firing up then built into the sound bar. It has these little feet that you can kick out. This will help you you know elevate to really prop it up and support whatever device you’re using this with. It can be use with iPad too. The keyboard is definitely thin, chiclet keys not the best quality overall but it works. You have see keyboards like this in the past but never one as compact and as portable as this one. Can get when you roll it all up like a mini baton. Definitely a nifty little device. The keyboard and sound bar all-in-one this comes in at just $50.

Next for you audio lovers out there. We have a vacuum tube amp. This is a desktop amplifier. If you don’t already have an amp for your desk. This is definitely gonna help you out when you power it up. You’ll see the little tube and illuminate blue that lets you know it has power. This is really what’s gonna amplify your sound and give it a boost.

Taking a look at it on the front you have your power switch. The headphone jack is for plugging in your headphones. The output port next to it, is for plug in a 3.5 jack into your PC so we can transfer audio. And then you have the volume dial. Then on the back you have your port for powering audio gadgets. And this one for $50 only. I think its pretty interesting because amps are like a must-have desktop accessory.

If you’re still using your stock audio from your motherboard, doing a little upgrade like this will go miles. You’ll be able to hear the difference instantly. And these tube amps aren’t just for aesthetics. They actually do work. You will notice a definite volume boost. And in terms of sound signature. You will notice a boost in the mids in the bass. So instantly improves your audio setup just with this for 50 dollars. I think it’s a great little gadget.

And then going right along with phat if you need a new pair of headphones these are outstanding for the price for only $40. These Superlux HD668B Headphones. They’re a pair of semi-open pair of headphones. They’re extremely comfortable. And they sound amazing. Superlux is always one of those under-the-radar companies. It’s not the flashiest name but they always put out great sounding headphones for the price. They’re also one of Amazon’s top-rated headphones.

Taking a look at them. They’re definitely a bit of an interesting design. You can see on the side of the ear cups that you have those sort of like open ports there. That’s where it gets its semi-open design from. So sound stage is gonna be a bit wider than closed pair of headphones. But not as wide as fully open back once a great in-between spot here the earpads and they go over the ear but all together. They are very lightweight. And being so light, this sort of like 3d wing support here. When you put them on, it automatically adjusts and you can barely tell they’re on your head. Very comfortable.

And some other things you will like is the breakaway cable here. So if this gets torn apart or something or you accidentally move away from your desktop, it’s not going to tear the whole head phones off. Your head won’t break the cable it’s tearaway and it comes with two cables inside the box. Four different lengths terms of sound. They’re pretty balanced. A bit of a sparkle in the higher end so you probably like the trebles and stuff which gonna be great for vocals. And I would label these as a bit of a cooler sounding headphones as opposed to warmer sounding. I know for 40 bucks a really professional a pair of headphones.

And we have a pair of wireless controller cinema Nintendo switch. We don’t want to spend you know the money for one of those certified like pro switch controllers. You can get these for under $50 in different colors and designs. This one is like the switch controller. This one’s also a wireless like GameCube controller. You can pick from a paired two mice with no issues at all.

And one pretty cool thing is these have two bonus buttons on the back. So you get two extra inputs in the back of the paddles right your fingers. You can actually press them and just have an advantage. And say you’re going for the nostalgia you want to pick up a wireless GameCube controller did that design. They also have you covered here again same layout. Pair it instantly. They also have these in a wired variant. But for around 40 to 50 bucks, all different colors, all different designs. Its a pretty cool option if you own a switch if you ask.

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