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The number of people drinking coffee around the world keeps on increasing from year-to-year. This has raised the demand for coffee machines. With this rise in demand, manufacturers have responded by producing different types of coffee machines to meet the needs of each and every person. There are various types of these machines in stores for you. Your choice depends on how you would like to make your coffee. Because there are tons of these machines out there, it might be mind boggling trying to figure out which of the coffee makers will suit your needs. In this article, we will go through a comprehensive buying guide that will enable you to choose your best machine with ease. All you need to do is to take into account your budget, the flexibility of the machine, the durability and the quality of coffee a particular machine can give you.

How to choose the best coffee machine?

Today, most coffee makers come with a frother for frothing milk. Choosing the best coffee machine greatly depends on the intended use. Coffee is a drink that you’ll indulge in to kick start your day and therefore this drink needs to be perfect in taste and quality. For those coffee lovers who would like to make their cups of coffee on their own, the manual coffee makers will be the best option for them. If you want to extract the tasty coffee from the coffee beans with a push of a button, the bean-to-cup machines will suit you. What if you are a person who normally spends few minutes the kitchen? The capsule machine as well as, other automatic machines will work the best for you, though it may cost you a few bugs higher. If you’re that person who can just get along well with plain, simple coffee, then the coffee filter machine is the best choice for you.

Below is a comprehensive coffee machine buying guide you may want to go through before settling for a decision to buy one.

Manual Espresso Coffee Machines

An espresso is all about the technique and letting the aroma of the roasted coffee bean come through in a perfect shot. If the idea of preparing your own cappuccinos, grinding your own coffee to prepare your own espresso shots in the morning, is your thing, then the manual espresso coffee machine will be the best choice for you. The convenience of using a manual espresso machine and the general performance greatly determines your choice. Check out below the best manual coffee makers you can buy.

1. Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

If you want to enjoy the swiftness coming with precision temperature and pressure control, every time you want to perfect your espresso, then this Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is the best choice for you. It has stainless steel boilers for steam as well as espresso, providing for simultaneous milk extraction and texturing at 93 degrees Celsius. This dual boiler comes with an Over Pressure Valve that normally limits the maximum pressure thus inhibiting bitter flavors in a shot.

For a smoother taste, this espresso machine has been incorporated with a low-pressure pre-infusion that allows a gradual increase of pressure. Note that the pre- infusion, brew temperature, and time are programmable. This coffee machine may be a little bit expensive but it will give you a true experience of making your own cup of coffee.

2. DeLonghi EC702

For those coffee lovers who would want a machine that produces an impressive shot espresso with slightly a bitter taste as that provided by a coffee bean flavor, the De’Longhi coffee maker comes in handy for you. This glossy machine captures a cutting-edge product design from the ancient Italian designs. It has a removable 4-liter water tank that can be seamlessly removed from the machine and a tap to control steam. Besides that, what can intrigue you the most is the rotating Steam Wand that offers you full control while frothing your milk to get the flavor that you want.

3.Philips Saeco Poemia

This Saeco manual espresso machine offers you an opportunity to enjoy traditional espresso preparation. The patented Crema filter, stainless steel, and revolutionary milk frother are probably more than you would get from this budget-friendly coffee maker. It’s simple to use and ergonomic. Refilling water or coffee powder, emptying the filter or the drip tray doesn’t require any form of expertise. Also, compartments have been strategically placed for maximum convenience. This machine offers you a chance to prepare your own barista in the traditional way. With the cup warmer, you can pre-heat your cups for a better flavor.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

The bean-to-cup coffee machines are often simpler to use than most of the traditional espresso machines you are used to. Most of them can take ground coffee and beans allowing you try different tastes without limited to one or two brands. These machines are large and bulky and tend to be pricier than most capsule and traditional models. Some of them are entirely automatic and you can just enjoy a tasty cup of coffee by a touch of a button. So, if you want a quick and an automatic machine to make your breakfast, the bean-to-cup models are the right cappuccino makers for you. With these machines, you can use freshly ground coffee each time you want to make an espresso. To start enjoying using a machine that uses whole coffee beans instead of the pre-ground ones, for a smoother fresh taste, check out below for the best bean-to-cup coffee machines you can choose from.

4. Melitta Caffeo Barista TS

The Caffeo Barista is an impressive automatic machine with ergonomic design and high-quality finish. It’s made of high-grade steel and chrome elements that offer an effective contrast to the glossy surfaces. The rounded edges enable it to fit into any type of the modern kitchens. It features an easy steam cleaning function that allows the machine to clean itself using hot water and steam each time milk is used. The automatic descaling, cleaning and rinsing programs of this high-end coffee machine are simple to use. The machine offers an automatic bean selection depending on the drink desired. Also, the flexible plug-in milk system is easily removable. The touch and slide control are used to regulate the coffee strength. It has a separate hot water preparation compartment. Designed to be used with Claris filter cartridges makes the machine flexible, convenient and versatile to use.

5. Krups EA850B

This is another high-end espresso machine you can use to make tasty latte and cappuccino with a touch of a button. The glossy all-black finish will retrofit well with other kitchen components. Although it might take you time to program the machine to your settings, the touchscreen display system takes you through the setup process in a simpler way. The whole system is sleek and so modern that it can help you know when the coffee ground hopper is not fitted correctly. When making your cappuccino, the machine lets you select the size of latte, from 30-70ml, and whether you are making one espresso or two. The milk hose is removable so it doesn’t have to be there hanging on the side of the machine when not in use. With this machine, you can make tasty long drinks without much hassle. This is an easy-to-use espresso machine that makes decent hot coffee quickly.

6. Melitta Caffeo Varianza CSP

Get to experience exceptional cappuccino with this bean-to-cup from Melita as soon as you finish the quick setup process. With this espresso maker, you can customize your settings so that the machine remembers your favorite settings. It features a unique bean hopper that enables you to change your coffee beans to suit your desired flavor. Your macchiatos and lattes will always have a perfect finish because of the nicely built-in milk frother. The touchscreen display is easy to operate. This machine doesn’t enjoy lots of hi-tech features as compared to the aforementioned counterparts but it delivers quality coffee seamlessly.

7. Gaggia Brera

This Italian-made coffee machine that’s ergonomically designed to foster user experience and convenience. The water tank, dregs drawer and the drip tray are all easily accessible from the front machine for quick maintenance. The push-buttons alongside with the LED display system makes it easy for anyone to navigate through various settings. You can customize the aroma, volume and strength of your coffee with Gaggia Brera bean-to-cup coffee maker. The Ceramic grinder incorporated in the machine works with Gaggia Adapting system to give you the correct quantity of coffee grounds to be used for the type of flavor you want. The chrome-plated and stainless steel front panel accents will probably complement your home’s décor. The machine has been designed to accommodate multiple user preferences so several people in your home can save their settings in the machine. The bypass doser gives you a chance to prepare pre-ground decaf coffee for your guests. You may Gaggia Brera espresso if you’re concerned with space yet you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your espresso.

8. Gaggia Naviglio

Being one of the Gaggia’s most easy-to-use automatic coffee machines, Gaggia Naviglio offers a simpler system than any of the bean-to-cup makers mentioned here. Even though the machine lacks the LED display, it offers you a great choice if you want to make tasty lattes and cappuccinos quickly. It features a stainless steel front panel and a featureless façade on the back. It comes with 3 preset buttons that are fully programmable for any drink you want. The grinding settings can always be adjusted to suit your own needs. It offers a variable extraction option so you can choose how big or small you’d want your Americano to be. It features a separate hot water system allowing you to have hot water for tea and hot drinks.

Capsule Coffee Machines

Capsule coffee makers allow you to pre-measure your coffee in a small container called capsules. This line of machines is among the latest in technology and offers every coffee lover a chance to encapsulate his coffee for ease of dosage and storage. They have a frother located on the side so that it can be easier to access. Preparing a cup of cappuccino using a capsule coffee machine involves dropping a capsule into the capsule jet and pushing the button of your desired coffee mix. Below are some of the best capsule coffee machines you can choose from.

9. De’Longhi Lattissima Pro

If you’re looking forward to making barista style beverages without much hassle, this capsule coffee maker is a good option for you. It features an intuitive touchscreen display system and it can accommodate up to 6 pre-programmed drinks. The advanced technology and the display system are presented in a sleek, robust design with an aluminum finish. The fresh milk carafe with automatic foaming function is everything you’d probably want in a capsule machine. So if you want a machine that is versatile and simple to use, De’Longhi Lattissima Pro is ideal for making your perfect cappuccinos and lattes.

10. Krups Inissia

This is another great machine for those who want to froth milk by just pushing a button. While its shape and design isn’t that enchanting, this entry-level machine can help you make your favorite Aerocino in a matter of seconds. The machine is very small, making it easily portable and convenient for those people who are concerned with space in their kitchens. It features two buttons – one for delivering a single shot of espresso and the other for producing a longer cup of coffee. Krups Inissia is great for anyone who wants a pocket-friendly capsule espresso machine that’s capable of delivering rich and smooth coffee.

Filter Coffee Machines

If you’re not fancied with all this buzz about advanced technology stuff, then the filter coffee machines are ideal for you. These espresso makers are great for those people who are short on kitchen and countertop space. Some of the best of these machines are highlighted below.

11. Melitta Aroma Elegance Therm Deluxe

Instead of the traditional glass pot, this model of filter coffee maker comes with double walled stainless steel. It’s all you would want if you desire a machine that can deliver quality coffee, one which is easy to clean and a machine that can keep your coffee hot for quite some time. It has built-in aroma control system and a timer that allows brewing to start automatically at your pre-set time. It further offers a programmable water hardness level, a calcification display, and a convenient descaling option. Also, the detachable filter and the stand-alone swing filter makes it easy to put coffee into the filter. The removable swivel filter can always be cleaned in the dishwasher. Also, if you forget to turn off your machine, the auto-off feature will shut down the machine for you. Consider this  machine if you want to enjoy a quality cup of coffee and if you tend to prefer durable rustic models.

12. Melitta Look Timer

This is another budget friendly coffee machine that uses ground coffee beans for the production of a high-quality beverage. As its name suggests, it is has a timer, so you can wake up to a fresh pot of hot coffee every morning. It has been incorporated with a thermos jug that can keep your drinks hot for hours. The descaling options allow you to effortlessly clean your machine. The aroma selector allows you to select the strength of your coffee while the Calc button always alerts you when the machine needs to be cleaned. This is one of the most flexible, versatile and durable filter coffee machines out there.

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