Top 10 Best Gaming Headphones

Gaming Headphones 101: A Guide on Choosing the Best One

Today, gaming requires a lot of essential gears for a perfect close-to-reality experience. One thing that a player should not forget is the headphone. Being the smaller and portable versions of speakers, headphones are basically sound devices that are used to give game players a personal touch of virtual reality through sound effects, voices, sound tracks, and songs. Headphones may be common to a lot of people nowadays for they play a big part in private playing of music or videos, but that does not end there, as they are also an important part in gaming. Various features and designs are integrated over years in headphones, and as a gamer, you should know the definition and importance of choosing the best gaming headphones.

How do you make every game an immersive and unforgettable experience?

Which type of gaming headphone will give you the victory and best advantage over the opposing side of the game? Let us break down the answer to those questions.

Dedicated “gaming” headphones have long been invented during the past few years as the demand grow absolutely bigger. The gap between regular headphones and the gaming ones is apparently big, as their prices even have a huge variation. They are build using different technology, materials, and designs, which is why one can quickly tell the difference between a “regular” headphone and a “gaming” headphone.

There are five simple aspects and characteristics gamers should always remember when choosing the best gaming headphone: sound, comfort, durability, and design or other features.

One thing we should not forget, it all comes down to where we expect everything should be: how good the sound a headphone produces, gaming or not. The quality of sound a gaming headphone gives out is the most important aspect for a good gaming experience. The ability of the headphone to produce expansive sounds is related to sound stage; it is how the gaming headphone gives a virtual experience of hearing sounds from every corner, not only from the center of your head or on one direction.

For an immersive experience, you should pick up every detail in the environment, that is why the sound should be crisp and clear, or you may end up losing the game due to low quality audio or inefficiency to hear details in the game’s ambiance. The quality of the bass should also be considered as it is a big factor in having a virtual reality immersion.

The microphone is an added feature to some headphones, it is very important during group plays for better communication with your team mates. A good microphone that records the voice cleanly and precisely would be preferable, where a noise cancellation feature can also be a big plus. You can get a table microphone if you don’t want it integrated with your gaming headphone.

As a gamer, you know it is a fact that time flies so fast that you don’t even notice the transitioning of day to night or the reverse, due to intense focus and concentration in-game. Hardcore gamers could go on a straight twelve-hour play without leaving in front of the game, while some usually end up at a maximum of four hours for a break or rest. Gaming makes some parts of the body steady for a long period of time, which is why comfort is also a big aspect when choosing headphones. The weight and pressure the headphone provides, the ear pads and cushions, structural design, and frame should be considered when looking at the comfort aspect.

Generally, together with the sound quality and comfort the gaming headphone provides, the durability and design should not be overlooked. You want a long-lasting, quality built gaming headphone, so look for reviews, read the specifications carefully, research on the best gaming headphones currently available, and decide what you will buy for your particular gaming needs. Sounds does matter on gaming, so choose wisely on the best gaming headphone you will be using, or you might end up being on the danger zone of the game.

1 – SADES A60/OMG PC Computer Over Ear Stereo Headphones

These headphones are a bestseller in the gaming headset category over on Amazon.com, and arenumber one and have over 160+ reviews with a four and a half star rating currently.
These headphones work with Mac and Windows PCs but they are not console compatible. It has a microphone and is suitable for all your devices with a USB Port.
The closed earcup design offers some noise cancelling isolation, cutting out external sound effectively, and allowing you to focus more on the game in front of you.
Reviewers loved the magnetic driver units that gave them clear sound whilst gaming and the fact that they could use their headphones straight out of the box upon delivery.

2 Bengoo Gaming Headset Comfortable 3.5mm Stereo Over-ear Headphone

The braided wire used by the headphones effectively reduces external resistance with a cable tie included to prevent the line twining. A volume control and one key mic mute button is equipped on the line.

50 mm neodymium drivers bring you crystal clear sound and clarity, whilst delivering that sound shock feeling of explosions and in game noise.

The headphones also have built in LED lights for a cool design aesthetic.
Reviewers really liked how comfortable the headphones were during long periods of use and the clear and crisp sound they provided.

3 Sentey GS-4731 Virtual 7.1 USB Headphones

These headphones output crystal clear sound using 7.1 digital stero surround sound. Think of it as the high definition of audio, with this high-quality sound being delivered through 45 mm neodymium drivers.
The closed ear cushions offer noise isolation from the outside world, while their memory foam material ensures your ears stay comfortable whilst gaming.
The headphones are very lightweight in their construction and feature an in-line Mic control and tangle free two meter cable that ends with a USB 2.0 goldplated connector.
Reviewers liked how adjustable the headphones were, typically the headband, allowing for a bigger or smaller fit as required by self adjusting itself depending on who is wearing them.

4 HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

They are designed in Sweden and recommended by some of the best in the gaming industry. The headphones are very lightweight in their construction and the over the ear cups are noise isolating, whilst they also come with a detachable microphone and two-year warranty backing it up.
They are powered by 53 mm hi-fi capable drivers, with a frequency response of 15 to 25 kHz.
Like other headphones we’ve reviewed the cable is tangle free and braided, featuring an in-line volume control and mic mute control.
Reviewers praised the soft leather headband and the clear sound delivered by the powerful drivers.

5 LOGITECH G430 Headphones

Like the Sentey headphones we’ve already mentioned these also use Dolby 7.1 surround sound and provide an immersive experience to the listener
The earcups are able to swivel 90° to maximize comfort for the listener, while the lightweight design means they won’t be heavy and pressing on your head during long periods of use.
The headphone mic is noise cancelling meaning you’ll be heard clearly when talking and it is also foldable to avoid getting damaged when moving the headphones.
Reviewers love the surround sound delivered by the headphones, noise reduction mic and the cool aesthetic of the headphones design.

6 Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Another pair of headphones to feature from Logitech are the G930’s
There powered by 40mm drivers with a frequency response time of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The pickup pattern of the mic is cardioid, meaning it will pick up sound directly in front of it and slightly behind it. It is also noise cancelling when you’re talking.
Like other headphones we’ve reviewed these also use Dolby 7.1 surround sound to deliver that crystal clear quality gamers need, all on a 10 hour battery life per charge.
Reviewers liked the fact they can use the headphones on Windows and Macs and how comfortable the headphones were.

7 Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset

A combination of Dolby pro Logic and LX technologies offer exceptional audio performance through 7.1 surround sound for all your gaming needs, whilst the soft ear cushions allow you to wear them all day long.
You can plug in and use these headphones straight out the box, and they work with PC’s but not Mac’s unfortunately.
As with other headphones, the mic on this one is noise cancelling to eliminate background noise, making your voice sound crystal clear as a result.
Reviewers raved about the sound quality of the headphones and the clear delivery of their voice through the mic

8 Razer Electra Over Ear PC and Music Headset

40mm Neodyminmum drivers offer an enhanced bass response, with a copper clad aluminium voice coil.
The earcups are sound isolating with a flexible headband offering a good level of comfort for gamers. The mic cable is detachable, allowing you to swap out for a replacement should it break on you, although the cable is rubber sheathed to avoid this happening.
Reviewers liked the flexible material the headphones were constructed out of and the durability.

9 Turtle Beach – Ear Force X12 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset

They are aimed at the console market, specifically for Xbox and are USB powered so no batteries are required.

Enhanced audio through the powerful drivers deliver a great audio experience for gamers, while an in-line amp offers quick access to gaming controls. The headphones use a bass boosting feature to add depth and realism to your gaming audio. You are also able to hear your own voice through the headset and avoid shouting as a result!

Reviewers loved the super sensitive mic that picked up everything, and the comfortable, breathable material the ear cups were made of. The noise cancelling aspest of the headphones was also roundly praised by reviewers.

10 Razer Kraken USB Over Ear PC, Playstation 4, and Music Headset – Black

They are aimed at both PC and PS4 gamers with Razer the undisputed brand when it comes to eSports and gaming. The deliver sound with unparalleled positional accuracy, allowing you to pinpoint gunfire, voices, footsteps and more.

Crystal clear communication is achieved through the mic, which is unidirectional, and offers minimal background noise pickup. A fully adjustable headband and closed ear cups give a perfect fit for your head and ears while your gaming.
Reviewers liked the retractable mic which meant they could use the headset as just a normal pair of headphones when they weren’t gaming. The software that the headset used was also complimented, with the 7.1 surround sound and customisation highlighted especially.

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