Best 27-Inch Monitors – G-Sync, Free-sync Ultrawide, 144Hz

At number 5 it’s Viotek GN27DB.

Buying in the budget range these days is pretty hard because most of the products in that price point tend to make huge compromises especially in the monitor and gaming market. The Viotek GN27DB is a viable and safe choice for a monitor in the budget market. With its amazing features cool design, sharp image, curved shape and gaming focus performance. Despite being a newcomer to the market the company has done a great job at designing a nice monitor with ultra slim bezels on top and sides a small band on the bottom with a company logo. It’s three foot stand it looks perfect and would fit right into most room designs. The Viotek GN27DB supports a 27 inch VA display with an 1800 R curvature and 178 degrees field of view. On top of this it has a great Q HD 2560 by 1440 resolution with 144 Hertz refresh rate and AMD freesync for fluid and tear free gaming experiences. The VA panel delivers a perfect viewing experience as well thanks to his high contrast ratio of three thousand to one and achieving a hundred and ten percent of the srgb color. Movies and shows will be a joy to watch when you’re not gaming.

At number 4 Asus VG278Q

If you’re in the budget range this is the monitor you should go for. It’s the Asus VG278Q. If you want a nice monitor to go along with your mighty Nvidia graphics unit, the 27-inch Asus VG278Q is your best bet. With a nice price point interesting design good backlighting eyecare technologies and competitive gaming speed it makes this monitor a very viable option. The Asus VG278Q are very cool designed with some nice touches around making it stand out from the competition. Without being an eyesore with it’s amazing matte black body a nice texture in combination. With its attractive stand it delivers a good build quality all around. Nothing less though is expected from Asus. It has plenty of adjustability options you can play with for the best angles and it even has a 100 by 100 visa mount and an Isetta connectivity ports to complete the package. The Asus VG278Q is equipped with a 27 inch twisted pneumatic display boasting a 1920 by 1080 resolution to go along. With that it has 144 Hertz refresh rate and one millisecond response time with Nvidia g-sync to provide one of the smoothest gaming experiences on the market. With nice contrast and brightness levels good accurate color the Asus VG278Q is a big winner in gamer books.

At number 3 it’s the Asus ROG PG279Q

The Asus ROG PG279Q is the ultimate gaming display with tremendous image quality. Fast refresh rate amazing build quality and design. Overall exceptional gaming performance if you’re in the market for a gaming monitor this should be top of your list. The Asus ROG PG279Q looks pretty interesting design wise. With pretty clean and streamlined bezels and back panel put down on the base and stand it gives the gaming impression with a rogue logo and engravings. As mentioned earlier the build quality is excellent and it’s equipped with plenty of ports. The Asus ROG PG279Q is equipped with a 27 inch IPS LED panel with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 resulting in 110 pixels per inch. The IPS panel provides plenty of colors and accuracy at the same time straight out of the box with no need for tweaking for gaming. It has Nvidia g-sync technology with 165 Hertz refresh rate and virtually no input lag. With a feature activated it’ll give you an edge against your competition with its game eccentric features and you can even watch your favorite TV shows comfortably just amazing. If you already have an Nvidia graphics unit this is the best monitor for your gaming sessions.

At number two it’s the BenQ PD2700Q

If you’re a designer photo editor or a content creator and you require perfect colors from your monitor this excellent BenQ PD2700Q delivers all the performance you need. Amazing grayscale wide viewing angles adjustability and tons of presets to go along with it’s astounding color reproduction. The BenQ PD2700Q has a pretty streamlined and minimalist design with its black bezels and thin construction they looks very utilitarian an office oriented. However it is attractive thanks to its textured base and excellent stand that also provides tons of functionality. With its adjustability options the BenQ PD2700Q is factory calibrated and also little suspicious about this but the performance was excellent for starters. It has a 27 inch IPS display with dual HD 2560 by 1440 resolution but it has a decent refresh rate and a high input lag that was not ideal for gaming. However in the color department, it excelled with managing to reproduce a hundred percent of both the rec 709 and srgb color with plenty of accuracy. With these it’s ideal for cam or other professionals that require accurate colors and grayscale. No other monitor in this category can top the color performance of the BenQ PD2700Q.

At number one it’s the Dell S2719DGF

The Dell S2719DGF is on top of this list for a lot of reasons. Starting with the fact that it delivers tremendous value for its asking price and its amazing versatility that’ll make it a steady performer in a wide range of tasks. It has amazing pixel response, fast refresh rates, AMD freesync support, great design and impressive detail. Design wise the Dell S2719DGF looks very simple and unassuming as the company has made a nice effort to cut the costs in this aspect. However this design is great with slim bezels very minimalistic but amazing build quality and durability. The stand offers nice options for adjustability and on the back you’ll find plenty of adjust ability options. The Dell S2719DGF has a 27 inch twisted pneumatic display with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 resulting in a good pixel density of 109 pixels per inch. The image was pretty sharp with plenty of detail and it had a nice maximum brightness of 219. It’s contrast ratio of about a thousand to one resulting in inky blacks this monitor has a native refresh rate of 144 Hertz. But it can be overclocked to about 155 Hertz. And the pixel response rate is pretty fast at one millisecond and an input lag of 11.2 milliseconds. The best 27-inch monitor for this year a fail-safe option for every use.

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